First of all a disclaimer, I am not proscribing or prescribing, I am ONLY sharing my experience with essential oils on this page. Another comment – there are all sorts of essential oils out there, and many of them have fillers and other unsafe to ingest ingredients. PLEASE DO NOT consume any essential oils other than doTERRA, unless you have the advice of a physical or authorized person. 🙂

With that said, some of my experience has been amazing.

Recently both my husband and I woke up on a Tuesday morning with a scratchy throat. I figured it was allergies, so I put 2 drops each of peppermint, lavender and lemon (L2P) essential oils in a shot glass of water, and drank it down, followed by a spoonful of honey. Yum, that was actually pretty good. It was refreshing, energizing, and left a lively impression in my spirit.

By early afternoon I had a fever and headache. Ugh. The flu is so bad this year. So, I got the recipe for a ‘flu bomb’ – and began applying it to my feet, and the back of my neck. When my husband came in we both continued applying it hourly until we went to bed, then once in the middle of the night when we got up to feed the fire. I did also have a couple more of those L2P shots, they just improved my spirits if nothing else.

In the morning, I still felt terrible, temperature of 99.5, and a headache so bad I didn’t want to put my glasses on my face, the nausea was either from drainage, or maybe the sinus-like headache. I continued using my flu bomb. Drank my morning warm water with fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper, and then had some yogurt with blueberries, flax seeds and walnuts. Applied more flu bomb and slept until noon. For lunch I had a smoothie made with baby spinach and kale, with frozen berries (blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry) and coconut milk. Followed by another application of the flu bomb.

Six hours later I feel like I wasn’t even sick. Wow. If it hadn’t happened to me I might not have believed it. My husband has had different symptoms (some sinus and cough with really achy joints and muscles) and while I would say I’m at 90-95% done he is currently at least at 85%.

We experimented with some essential oils on his back, and he immediately felt a reduction in the joint and muscle pain, which lingered into another day.