Mountain R&R

Earlier this month I celebrated my last birthday of my 50’s. My husband and I went camping in our cute Little Guy Max, an over-sized teardrop camper. We took along our new bicycles so we could ride along the New River State Park  bike trail.

Our first evening was quiet and uneventful – exactly the way a camping trip ought to be. We had a slow peaceful start to my birthday. I wandered around the camp site taking pictures andvideos as I sipped at my chai tea.  

Our first full day, and the only day we’d be there without the rest of our gang, we decided to take an extended bike ride along the New River trail – from our campground in Fries, VA to Galax, VA, two small towns in the southern Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. It was 17 miles, one way, to Galax, which didn’t seem like very far to me. Ha! I learned better by the end of the day.

What a beautiful day for a bike ride along wide gravel trails, following an old converted rail way along one of the oldest rivers in the US. In no time we were at Fries Junction. From here we could turn one way and head toward Galax, a short 12 miles away. The first amazing scenery was the bridge spanning the river, it was very wide at that place and the bridge was paved with boards. Unfortunately, the old iron walls were still in place, so we couldn’t look at the river as we rode across it. About a mile or so further on we came to the tunnel. 

This was one big, dark tunnel. It was so dark that as you entered you left daylight behind, and only when you were nearly half-way through the tunnel and rounded a slight curve did you see the daylight of the exit many yards ahead. Had there been anything or anyone hiding in the midst of that tunnel I would have never seen them, and had they been in my path, they would have been run over. 

After the tunnel it was uneventful riding with a tributary to the New River along first one side then the other of our trail. We twisted and switch-backed our way through about 1,000 feet of elevation climb until we were suddenly back among civilization, and then at the
Galax end of the trail. About 17 miles, and it had taken nearly 3 hours to complete it. Now, I must say we rode steadily, but not in a rush, but I certainly didn’t expect it to take that long for us to complete the outward portion of our trip.

Much later, after dinner, my thighs began to ache. Just a dull sore kind of ache. I avoid using OTC medication like aspirin or other NSAIDs, but I adore my doTerra essential oils. I hadn’t packed well on this trip; I had forgotten shampoo, deodorant, and many of my go-to essential oils. But, I did have lavender. I applied a couple drops to each thigh. Ah, in a few minutes the pain was mostly gone. What pleasant relief. We enjoyed our evening with our camping buddies, and then it was off to bed. 

Around 2am I woke to cicada songs, and to an incessant ache in my thighs. Tossing and turning I just couldn’t get back to sleep. At 3 I got up, rustled through all my essential oil supplies for something stronger than lavender. Ah, I found it, a small sample of doTerra’s Deep Blue. I applied just a small dot, the size of a pea, to each leg, and in moments the pain was gone, and did not return. Nor was I tight, sore, or achy the next day. What a wonderful blessing! I’ve always heard others tell their tales of Deep Blue‘s pain relieving abilities, but didn’t truly appreciate them until I got to experience them for myself. 






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