This recipe is based on the one in the Hallelujah Diet book, and is a good one if you don’t much like raw spinach. If you have little hands in the kitchen and want to get them involved, they will probably like this recipe. This makes enough for 2-4 people

Dump a bag or box of spinach (the 4 ounce size) in a large bowl.
Put 2-3 cloves of garlic through a press, add to the bowl.
Pour in 2 tablespoons good olive oil, the juice from a lemon, and a dash of salt into the bowl.

Wash your hands thoroughly, then plunge them into the bowl and flip, spin, whirl, and massage the spinach for several minutes, until it begins to soften and break down.

Serve immediately, this will not keep like the  Kale Salad  does! You may want to garnish with cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, or other highly contrasting veggie.


NOTE: you can make the same salad with the currently popular baby kale leaves also available in the organic section of your grocery store’s produce isle.

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