What is an Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach?

A guide on the side

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is your ally, helping you navigate the options in life. We are your ‘guide on the side’ helping you in setting goals and following through on them. Attaining your ideal wellness is the goal of a wellness coaching program.

Cooking Classes

Our kitchen or yours, you choose the meal, we’ll walk step by step through how to prepare tasty and nutritious meals.

Pantry Makeovers

Let’s explore the foods in your pantry.

What a great way to learn what’s great for you, and where better options exist.


Join me at the local farmer’s market and explore the local pasture-raised meat options, talk with the farmers who grow the food you will put on your table.

10 Steps to Less Stress

It’s never been easier to connect with someone on the other side of the world, yet it’s so easy to feel disconnected from the people closest to us. We have more tools than ever to simplify tasks and accomplish more things quickly, yet our to-do lists have never been longer. Life is short, and time flies, especially in today’s fast-paced world. These exercises are meant to help you slow down, enjoy life, and focus on the important things.

  • Plan your day.
  • Enjoy nature – feel the sun on your face, look at the stars..
  • Eat slower – savor each bite, explore the tastes, let your food satisfy your soul..
  • Connect with family and friends.
  • Make time for yourself.
  • Give yourself more time to accomplish things..
  • Take the scenic route.
  • Sit for a moment with your eyes closed and just breathe..
  • Remember your goals and aspirations – practice visualization and watch your life change..

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