One of my daughter’s favorite movies is The Sound of Music, and the title of this page pastedGraphic.pngbrings warm memories of family snuggles as we watched great movies together. So while in my mind the hills are alive with the sound of music, I am here this evening to provide you with links to some of my favorite people, and places in the web.


Vani Hari, the Food Babe, she ranks right up there. What a brave and courageous hero she is for all of us, taking on “Big Food” and often, with the help of the Food Babe Army, winning in the fight to get clean food. Her story would strike a cord with many who have less than idea health, who struggle to eat well, and find they are being duped at every turn. She provides email newsletters, recipes, a wide assortment of eating and diet options, opportunities to engage in the fight for clean food, and has most recently launched her own line of products, Truvani. Products with real ingredients, and honest labels. Please check her out!

For several years I have gotten some measure of our groceries from Green Polkadot Box. Their goal is to provide clean, non-GMO and organic food and supplements. They also have plans for regional ‘growing centers’ where they propose to grow fresh produce hydroponically and deliver straight to your door.

Recently I encountered a most compelling talk from Gary Taubes on carbohydrates, and insulin, and why we get fat, and even a little bit of WWII history. If you struggle in any way with your weight, please take a look at his page, get his book, or at least watch a You Tube or two! Check out his books – The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat, or Good Calories Bad Calories. Gary is a journalist, not a doctor or nutritionist. The evidence he presents is hard to ignore.

And then, there is the school I am enrolled in, what a life changing experience! The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Just check them out.

Everyone has heard of Doctor Oz. Have you ever watched his show? I haven’t, but I stumbled across his book, at Walmart. I bought it on a whim. Great read. It is the sort of book that I wish I could prescribe to people. Not only does he relate what foods are good and bad, but then he’s got some great meal plans, recipes, and suggestions for getting the most benefit from the foods you eat.

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