What is this site all about?

In high school my library had a poster with a daffodil on it, and it said, if you are not busy being born you are dying. Decades later I still think about that poster. My conclusion: Life is all about moving forward.

Each of us begins where we are, moving into the future. Moment by moment our decisions determine our path. Moment by moment, flowing like a river, our present moments become our past. Over the years our past accumulates bringing its reward with it.

Many of us tend to move through life on auto pilot. This site is about learning how to take control, to move into a future that brings whatever you consider to be wellness.

Wellness is much more than the absence of pain or disease. Wellness is vitality, it is a zest for life, and it is the strength and energy to do what matters most to you.

Each path to wellness is as unique as we are. For some the path includes dietary changes, for others it may take a spiritual component, for others relationships or finances hold the key to maximum vitality and satisfaction.

Explore these pages, join the conversation, and share your experiences on the journey to the best version of yourself.


What do you want to see here – perhaps that I used to be a life-guard and swimming teacher. Or as a high school freshman I tutored 8th graders in math. Or that at one time I wanted to be a marine biologist. What I really did was just stumble through life, from one interesting thing to the next, always falling into things related to helping people by teaching them stuff they really needed to know.

All these years later, master’s degree on the wall, I still teach people stuff. And, I’m still learning. That’s the best part of life, learning new stuff.

My husband says I’m awesome. But, I don’t choose to say that about myself. I’m a bit eccentric, some friends call me a ‘hippy’ some think I’m rather stuffy and conservative. Either way, today at least, I’m ok with myself as I am.

My journey into the world of wellness began many years ago, I think the first items we eliminated from our household were fluoride, yes, we raised 6 children with no fluoride, and no cavities! Next was antiperspirants, aluminum in our armpits? Yuck! Over the years we picked up some other pointers, and after 20+ years have stepped out of the mainstream into a wellness focus in our habits.

I do love to share my ideas for how health and wellness can be yours! Click on Contact Me to get in touch and begin the conversation. I offer a 50 minute initial consultation for free – so what are you waiting for?

Let me help You live a life of wellness


Squeeze the juice of a 1/2 lemon into a glass, add warm water and a dash of cayenne pepper. Drink first thing in the morning for improved liver function and over-all well being.


A little raw food every day will help support a healthy lifestyle.

Raw food is bursting with enzymes, which support their digestion and your health!

Life is more than food!!

The food you put on your fork is only part of the story.

Spend time with people you enjoy, the give and take of discussion, the sharing of ideas and a meal. These things make life worth living!




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